Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Read along with me....

A long time ago, in a far away land (well, Connecticut, but hey...that can seem like another country...), a lovely queen (Okay, so it was my mother. She was queenly to me!) took a small princess (Uh huh. Me.) to a magical place (the local book store) to hear the fabled words of a great wizard (an author), who intoned wonderful poems and phrases of wisdom about....puppies!

The Queen mum bought a copy of the magical book, where it was signed by the Great Author, who also read her book to me and a number of other young royals (children) who were there for just that purpose. And she had written, "To Laurie, I hope you never stop loving words and rhymes." Even though there were lots of other princesses and dukes (kids) there, she made me feel like I was the only little girl who had received this incredible gift. It's a memory that has lasted me a lifetime.

You can make your own son or daughter a treasured literary memory, too, at the Hudson Valley 40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration. Our children's eco-authors, Alison Formento and Emily Goodman will be with us in the Children's Book Corner, to do readings from their new books -- This Tree Counts, Ms. Formento's book; and Plant Secrets, Ms. Goodman's book -- and do book signings.

Not only will your young ones be royally entertained (sorry, couldn't resist the pun...), but they also will learn incredibly cool things about why trees and plants and seeds and all things vegetable/woody are so important to the health of our planet and our lives.

Check back here in the next few weeks for the schedule of readings. In the meantime, use the mystical tapping of your computer keys to take you to the cyberland of to learn more about these books and their wonderful authors. But, please think local and patronize your town book store if you're going to buy...or, you can wait until the Earth Day Celebration and purchase them from the authors themselves. They're bringing plenty of copies!

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