Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The ants (well, termites...) go marching two by two...

As long as it doesn't sting, if it creeps, slithers, hops, flies or otherwise does something cool (or yucky), kids love bugs. And bunnies. And ponies. And goats and sheep and...well, animals in general, and baby animals in particular.

At the Hudson Valley 40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration, you and your children will be able to see, and touch (and in the case of the ponies, ride -- oh, not you big adult people, but your kids can...) and learn all about a whole lot of animals. Come and check out Fun With Termites -- did you know that they follow certain scent paths? -- and learn how they help the environment.

Visit the 2x2 Zoo to see, touch and find out about some of the animals that are on the endangered species list. Take a ride on a pony that has been rescued from abuse or neglect.

You and your kids can come see other kids (goat babies, that is) that have been raised by young people from Dutchess County 4-H clubs. They will show and teach about goats, llamas, horses and poultry and tell you how your children (and your family) can become involved in the many different 4-H clubs and activities.

And snakes. Did I mention snakes? See them, watch them perform -- oh yes, it's not only the humans who get to strut (or in snakes' case, slither) their stuff. Snakes are a natural form of rodent and pest control, and serve other really important environmental functions.

Then, go on a hayride around the Fairgrounds, courtesy of 4-H Gentle Giants. Rest, relax and enjoy the ride! Then slide on back for MORE animal fun, and all the other cool stuff we'll have going for our youngest environmentalists -- like Big Green TV, Ukranian folk dancing (not to watch, but to LEARN and do!), African drumming, more dancing, Doc Swan's recycling with magic and juggling show, Dutchess County BOCES' recycling activities, GPS Geocaching treasure hunts, the Makers' Square, and more...

Check back to find out the details over the next couple of weeks!

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