Friday, April 2, 2010

Composting and mulch, mulch more!

An essential part of celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day is learning, teaching and taking instruction about ways to live more lightly on our planet.

Every single one of us can make simple changes and additions to our lives that are better for us, our families, our communities and the world.

Part of our mission in holding the Hudson Valley 40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to learn, teach and take. That's why -- as part of our festival -- we are offering you the chance to learn and take from some of our region's best experts on a broad range of topics, from the economics of solar energy to composting, sustainable fishing, deer-resistant gardening, chickens 101, true food diets...and a whole lot more.

In fact, the list is SO good (if I do say so myself...), I want to share it with you right here, right now! That way, you can plan which talks you want to attend, and on what day. Each session will run ~ 45 minutes, with plenty of time for you to ask your presenters questions and get great answers.

Before I lay down the list, I want you to know that we're hosting this presentation series
in collaboration with a real gem of an organization here in Dutchess County -- the Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County (a/k/a CCEDC). If you don't know about the CCEDC (they are an incredible resource), please visit their web site at:

[BTW, did you know that every county in NY has its own Cornell Cooperative Extension? Yup. It does. And if you don't know about 'em, it's time you explored them.]

OK. Herewith, the EduPresentation roster for the Hudson Valley 40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration!


10:15 am: Harnessing Rain Water: Learn about Rain Barrels and Make One (if you want to also make the rain barrel, you’ll need to preregister/fee required - see CCEDC website: – Carolyn Klocker, CCEDC Educator

11:30 am: Solar Energy Economics: It’s more affordable than you think – Hudson Valley Clean Energy

12:30 pm: Hudson Valley Chickens 101: How to raise them where you live (as seen on Martha Stewart!) – Billiam van Roestenberg, Owner, Liberty View Farm, Highland, NY.

1:30 pm: Eight Steps to the True Food Diet -- Annie B. Bond, CEO of Green Chi CafĂ© ( and best-selling eco-author. Book Signing of her new book, True Food, National Geographic © 2010, afterwards.

2:30 pm: Sustainable Fishing and The Hudson River Fish Advisory: A general introduction to Sustainable Fishing information and the Hudson River Fish Advisories of the upper Hudson, Mid-Hudson and lower Hudson Valley regions – Regina Keenan, Health Research Institute in cooperation with CCEDC

3:30 pm: Investments You Can Make in Your Home to Save Energy – Mark Pierce, Extension Associate, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University.


10:30 am: The 10% Challenge: A Model for Energizing Savings and Building Community -- Melissa Everett, Executive Director, Sustainable Hudson Valley

11:30 am: Solar Energy Economics: It’s more affordable than you think -- Hudson Valley Clean Energy

12:30 pm: Farm Community Tables: Helping Local Farmers to Market -- Billiam van Roestenberg, Owner, Liberty View Farm, Highland, NY.

1:30 pm: Common Problems Gardeners Face & How to deal with them (including deer-resistant plantings) – Cheryl Hearty, CCEDC Educator

2:30 pm: Learn How to Compost -- Frost Valley YMCA

3:30 pm: The Aliens are HERE! Invasives in your backyard – Stephanie Mallozzi, CCEDC Educator

Check back on this blog soon for the roster of Musicians for Clean Air concerts lineup, KidzMusic schedule, Food Demo times, tastes and topics, and GPS Earthcaching Treasure Hunt times!

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