Monday, April 5, 2010

Sun Science: Cars by Kids

When I started working on the Hudson Valley 40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration, part of my vision for the festival included cars. No, not the hot rods or antique beauties that yearly grace the Dutchess County Fairgrounds venue (and if you've never gone to those shows, you should...). I wanted hot alternative energy cars of all shapes and sizes.

But when you get down to it, how many companies have those really cutting-edge vehicles on their lots? Turns out, not many at all.

Who does have them? Some of our Hudson Valley high schools. And the cars are built by kids. That's right. Teenagers...the very people on whom we actually are resting our hopes for coming to the planet's and economy's rescue when they grow up. Well, with what I've seen (and what you'll get to see when you come to the Celebration...), at the very least, the Hudson Valley will be in good shape!

Newburgh Free Academy, and Dutchess County BOCES' Career Technical Institute are both bringing their solar cars to display (and if we're lucky and the sun's out, drive) and talk to YOU and your children about them. The students who built these amazing vehicles, along with their teachers, will proudly roll out their wheels and show you the future.

I'm telling you: Do Not Miss These Cars and Their Kids. What they do is inspiring, and comforting. When you see these vehicles and hear about what the students did to bring them from the drawing board to life, you'll walk away feeling like maybe the planet's in good hands after all.

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