Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bikeway the Right Way

This just in: Bikeway, a great Hudson Valley bike store company is coming to the Hudson Valley 40th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration! They'll be stationed in Building B -- which is Kids' World, where all things kid will happen.

I'm psyched! After all, pedal power is people powered. No fossil fuels expended. Good for the environment. Great for your health. And SO much fun...IF you do it right.

Which is one of the main reasons Bikeway has agreed to come join us. Not only will they be there showing their (very cool) bicycles and gear, they will also be teaching kids and their parents the right way to do important aspects of bicycle maintenance, such as changing tires, fitting and useing safety gear, fixing popped chains, and so on. These skills, learned early and properly, will last your children all of their lives, keep them safer on the road, and make biking more fun and independent for them.

So, come have fun with your tikes with the bikes! Bikeway's ready. Are you?

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